Here we are again. With that shadow of dread looming over our heads and uncertainty in the road ahead.

January we will see us on a short break in the first couple of weeks, not only to recover from the amazingly fantastic and extenuating previous months, but also because we think, given the insane situation in the current days, it would be the best option to protect the health of our guests, our staff and our own.

We will be back on Wednesday, 19th of January, and we wish all a better, safer, brighter 2022.

Thank you all, lovely people.

João & Márcia


Our regular opening hours are from

Wednesday to Saturday, 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Some of our guests have warned us that their email client of choice randomly classifies our replies as spam and so they are left without knowing if the booking went through on not. So our advice is to check your spam box or classify our email as a trusted one. Thank you. 

Thank you! We will contact you soon.